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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec

A Journey of Faith: Delivering God's Word to Nicaragua

The mission to spread God’s Word across the globe continues, and Faith Baptist Church is grateful to be a part of this divine undertaking. In early 2024, our church had the opportunity to collaborate on an inspiring project that involved sending a 20-foot container filled with Spanish Bibles and New Testaments to Nicaragua. These materials were generously donated by the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation (BLMF) based in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The logistics of this mission were made possible through the collective efforts and generous spirit of an anonymous donor who graciously covered the shipping costs, allowing us to focus on handling the customs and fees. In March of this year, the shipment embarked on its journey, heading towards a port in Honduras with high hopes and prayers from our church members.

However, not all missions face smooth sailing. A computer glitch at the shipping company led to an unexpected delay at the Cortez port in Honduras, halting our shipment for over a month. During this trying time, the power of prayer became more evident than ever. Weekly prayers were held by members of our church, seeking divine intervention to resolve the issues and allow the Bibles to reach their intended recipients.

By God's grace, the container was finally released and made its way to Nicaragua, where it was received with open arms and grateful hearts by the local Christian community. The impact of this delivery was immediate—once the Bibles were distributed, they began to make a significant difference in the lives of many.

This mission was a testament to the power of faith, cooperation, and perseverance. We are profoundly thankful to everyone involved—from the BLMF for their generous donation to our anonymous donor and every church member who prayed and contributed in their own way.



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