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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec


“Missions” is the term we use to describe our evangelistic efforts considering the Great Commission. Much of our emphasis is on the foreign field, the regions beyond - across the waters, amidst the many cultures, conflicts, and countries - we are to carry the light to those who are yet in sin and despair. While we think of missions on foreign soil, we often fail to see the mission that is directly in front of us - the field is the world, here at home and abroad; we are the missionaries; the call and commission are our cause -- to be His witnesses in this world. 


Our Lord’s commission is a call to reach the world, not to each of us alone, but each of us as one! The local church supporting, training, preparing, and sending the missionaries to the regions beyond. The missionaries carrying the mission forward, taking the ministry to the people in need. The nationals evangelized, educated, equipped, enabled, and exhorted to do likewise and continue telling the world the good news! Converts are baptized and discipled and united with local churches that in turn train and assist them in fulfilling the Great Commission! Co-laborers in the harvest, everyone having a part in reaching the whole!


The missions outreach of Faith Baptist Church is supported solely by the financial and sacrificial giving of God’s people, who by faith (James 2:26) dedicate themselves to the task of providing for the financial needs of missionaries supported by the church. Every year we recommit ourselves to the task of world-wide evangelism through Faith Promise giving. A Faith Promise offering is the amount you commit to God and promise to give by faith, above your tithes, to support missions’ endeavors during the coming year.

Each year as our ministry expands and opportunities increase, we are challenged to move forward by faith, believing God and laboring together to do even more than before. We encourage you to search your heart and ask yourself: “HOW CAN I BE INVOLVED IN FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS?”


"Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you,

Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest."

~ Luke 4:35

For nearly three decades, Faith Baptist Church has proudly showcased the missionaries and missions agencies we support on what has become known as "the Missions Wall." The individual missionaries supported by Faith Promise Missions makes up a significant 50% of our annual missions giving. This commitment underscores our dedication to advancing the Gospel and supporting missionaries on a monthly basis. 


Our Pastor strongly believes that informed people are involved people. With this belief at heart, we have diligently worked to create an online Missions Wall. Here, we not only see the faces and read the names of those we support, but we also learn about their families and stay up to date on what is happening in their ministries. We stay informed by reading or viewing updates, enabling us to be actively involved in their ministry through prayer and financial support.


We hope that you will take a few moments getting to know the various missionaries and missions agencies we support. Please note, some of our supported missionaries are not shared publicly for their personal safety.


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Faith Promise Missions is actively involved in supporting impactful projects that spread hope and faith worldwide, dedicating 25% of our annual contributions. One of our significant endeavors is providing containers of Scriptures to ministries across the globe, a privilege we deeply cherish. Currently, our ministry projects span various regions, including full container shipments to the Philippines, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico, and El Salvador. Additionally, we have supplied Scriptures to communities in Africa and Ethiopia, ensuring that the Word of God reaches hearts and transforms lives in diverse corners of the world.

Faith Baptist Church is deeply involved in Central America working with families sent out from our church, Jason & Cassie Tate and Brandon & Kathy Lane. Under Pastor Smith's leadership, an annual training conference was started with Bro. Tate and has grown to have an enormous impact, including the establishment of the Faith Baptist Training Center in Danli, Honduras. This center is not only a vibrant gathering place for missionaries and pastors from across Central America, hosting an annual training conference that inspires and equips leaders for effective ministry, but also provides housing facilities for seminary students of the Seminario Bautista Belén, a dynamic Bible Institute that passionately trains the next generation of leaders to spread the Gospel throughout Central America. This arrangement ensures a cohesive learning environment where students can fully engage in their training while actively participating in the ministry outreach efforts of the center. These ongoing endeavors reflect our heartfelt commitment to sharing God's love and empowering communities in Central America.

Faith Baptist Church extends its reach to the Philippines through dedicated partnerships with Pastor Froi Medina and the Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church in Baguio City. Through Pastor Medina's leadership, our ministry provides essential support to local communities and churches. Every January, Pastor Medina hosts the impactful Preacher's Delight Conference, where pastors from across the Philippines gather for training and fellowship, equipping them for effective ministry. Additionally, our ongoing efforts include a weekly Bible Institute that trains teachers and workers to continue spreading the Gospel throughout the region. Pastor Medina's commitment to soulwinning campaigns and regular training meetings further empowers Christians to confidently share their faith and make a meaningful impact in their communities. These collaborative efforts reflect our passion for nurturing strong faith communities and advancing God's Kingdom in the Philippines.

Faith Baptist Church's commitment to missions and outreach is vividly demonstrated through its steadfast support for various programs and agencies, constituting a substantial 25% of its faith promise missions giving.

The church places a special emphasis on the crucial role of Bible printing and global Scripture distribution. By actively supporting agencies such as the Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation, BEAMS Bible printing, and Bearing Precious Seed, Faith Baptist Church plays a pivotal role in ensuring the accessibility of the Word of God to communities worldwide.

Faith Baptist Church is closely connected with valued Christian partners and agencies, reflecting its heartfelt commitment to working together in ministry. A longtime partner Dr. David Gibbs and the Christian Law Association, who protect our religious freedoms and support churches and ministries nationwide. Additionally, collaborating with Dr. John O'Malley of the World Wide Baptist New Testament Missions and Dr. Paul Chappell of West Coast Baptist College shows the church's passion for training up the next generation of missionaries for meaningful global service.

These collaborative efforts underscore the church's unwavering dedication to spreading the Gospel and supporting initiatives that positively impact lives both locally and globally.


God has privileged Faith Baptist Church to be connected to incredible ministries throughout the world. Through these partnerships, the cause of the gospel is multiplied beyond what any one could do on their own and lives are being changed as a result.



Printing and shipping of Whole Bibles, New Testaments, and Scripture portions to missionaries around the world


The design and printing ministry extension of Faith Baptist Church producing Gospel tracts, artwork, publications, conference themes, and more


Through cooperative endeavors, GO Missions is helping nationals evangelize, educate, enable, equip, and exhort their people to enhance their lives and the lives of others.


Annual Pastoral Training Conference that provides help, materials and lessons to Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and pastor's assistants to enhance their ministry and impact their family, church, community and the world with the Gospel.


A website designed to provide useful tools and resources for evangelism to all Hispanic people.


Annual Pastoral Training Conference in Danlí, Honduras serving Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and pastor's assistants from all over Central America.

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