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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec
Iloilo City, Philippines
First Baptist Church
Baptist International Missions Inc.
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Hammond, Indiana
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Rick Martin
Becky Martin

May 6, 2024

March- April 2024 (part 2)
Rick & Becky Martin
Your Missionaries in Iloilo City, Philippines since 1976
Dear Friends, While part one of our letter was about a ministry in a Muslim country, part two is about reaching the Muslims in the heart of Islam here in the Philippines which is Marawi City. The city is the country's only Muslim chartered city and officially named the Islamic City of Marawi. Today the Lord allowed us to buy land in Marawi City for the radio station. This is a major step in having a Christian radio station there. We are hoping to be on the air there in the next 6 months. I also wanted to give an update on our most recent trip to Marawi in early December. As mentioned before, the NTC which oversees all radio and TV stations in the Philippines asked us in 2018 to consider starting a radio station in Marawi. We have been working for 5 years on this. The city of Marawi was destroyed by ISIS in 2017. The city seemed to be safer until Dec. 3, Sunday, when ISIS set off a bomb during a Catholic mass in the gym of Mindanao State University. Four died and 50 were wounded. We had planned for 4 months to go to Marawi City the next day on Dec. 4-5 Monday - Tuesday to have our annual “Help the Needy” program there sponsored by our radio station here in Iloilo City. For the first time, a team of 5 dentists were going to go with us to have a medical mission for the poor people. Because of the bombing they decided to back out, but six of our staff and workers flew down there on Monday and met city officials and then on Tuesday had the program. The program consisted of toys for 1000 children, school supplies for 300 teenagers and a pantry for 200 families. These needy people mostly live in what they call ground zero which was completely destroyed by ISIS. There have already been some people saved there and we are determined to reach many of these people who have little hope. During this last trip progress was made through some government officials who are helping us. One of the workers who went is a Bible student, Honey Vie, who grew up in Marawi. After the first "Help the Needy Program" a few years back, she got saved and came to Iloilo City and enrolled in Bible College. She is a very aggressive soul winner and was excited to be a part of visiting the city where she grew up and to share the gospel there. For now, the only workers doing personal soul winning at events like this are the Christians like Honey Vie, who were Muslims. Pastor Jun, also a former Muslim, has been effective in leading Muslims to Christ. This is Honey Vie (bottom right holding her mask) back in 2021 when we met her in Marawi City. This gift-giving at what is called "Ground Zero" where many were taken hostage back in 2017 when ISIS destroyed the city. The barangay captain (neighborhood leader) is very sympathetic to Christians. He said his nephew is number three in command of the ISIS forces in the country. He is very much against what his nephew is doing but said that his nephew would never attack someone in their barangay because of his relatives there.
One of the persons who attended the event was Noor Lucman, a Muslim, who is well known in Marawi City as a hero. He was able to help 257 hostages escape ground zero during the fighting. During the 1990's he was an advisor on the Islamic insurgents in Mindanao to President Fidel Ramos. Pres. Ramos, a born-again Christian, led the EDSA revolt and was the head of the Armed Forces. President Ramos was a graduate of West Point in the US and perhaps the best president in the history of the country. Noor Lucman went to College in Saudi Arabia and was a classmate of Osama Bin Laden. Noor Lucman strongly disagreed with Bin Laden when he formed his terrorist group. He is known as being a strong advocate of Muslims living with Christians in peace. When he found out our radio station was sponsoring a gift giving for the people of ground zero, he was very happy and thankful and went to the event. He told Anabel he would help with what we are trying to do. Please pray he will come to know our Lord as his Savior. Below are some of those who received the food in Marawi City. The barangay captain is on the right with a blue shirt.
March- April 2024 (part 2)
While it has been 5 years since the Lord seemed to lead in starting a Christian radio station in the very heart of Islam, we are being patient with the results but aggressive in planning and working on the start of it. Thanks for praying for the land the Lord gave us today there. There are some risks of course in having a Christian radio station there so please pray for that. We are so thankful for the many churches and individuals who are behind the Lord's work here in the Philippines. God bless, Rick and Becky Martin


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