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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec
Mexico City, Mexico
Fairhaven Baptist Church
We have supported for 28 years.
Chersterton, Indiana
Clint Rardin
Rhonda Rardin

May 24, 2024

Dear Praying Friends,

We have had record heat temperatures here in Mexico City. The other day we broke an all-time record of 93.4 degrees F., which may not seem high in Indiana, but we are not used to these temperatures. The forecast for June is in the mid-70s and rainy. I can't wait.
God has blessed this campaign with great attendances as well as many souls saved. On May 12, despite it being a three-day weekend (as Mexico's May 10 Mother's Day is like an official holiday), we had a great day on the buses with over 160 (our average is around 105) and we had 259 in church.
The drop in church attendance was due to dozens of the drive-in crowd taking advantage of the three-day weekend and going out of town. Still, God blessed with four souls saved in church as I preached on Jesus, the Friend of Sinners, and Zaccheaus as it was our Friend Day. At night, we had a young man named Jared, a friend of one of our young men who is in the Military Academy, join the church in our business meeting. Jared was saved and baptized the last few months and wanted to join the church. God is blessing the church's finances like never before with record offerings and in the black by a good margin.
We bounced back in attendance this Sunday in an amazing and unexpected way! Usually, Family Day is our lowest Sunday of the spring campaign. Our attendance bounced back to 321, just 4 less than our record-breaking Mother's Day service two weeks before! Never have we had so many in our church besides our famous Kid's Day and Mother's Day. We had over 190 on our buses and our drive-in crowd was back in church. We had 224 adults and teens overflowing our auditorium and 97 children. It was an incredible day! Three adults were saved: Cesar, Ismael, and Susana, as I preached on becoming a child of God in the family of God.
The great thing about the campaign is we have people coming back, and more importantly, some newly saved continuing to attend. In our mission by the airport, we have a new young lady named Araceli attending the last two weeks. I haven't had much time to talk to her as last week I was out preaching somewhere else, but she seems like she comes from an independent, fundamental Baptist background and we are looking forward to getting to know more about her.
God seems to keep on bringing us new people to this mission. The 84-year-old mother of Virgina, Guadalupe, whom I led to the Lord a few weeks back, accompanied her daughter to the mission this last Wednesday.

Thank you for your prayers,
Clint Rardin

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