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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec

Iglesia Bautista Fe

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Zante, Grecia
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Iglesia Bautista de Fe
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Misiones Bautistas a los Olvidados
We have supported for 11 years.
somís, California
Jacksonville, Florida
takis korianitis
Abril korianitis

October 16, 2023

Dear co laborers in Christ 
FAMILY NEWS: Glory to God!!!! Our son Anestis Daniel came to accept the Lord Jesus as his savior!! Thank you thank you for praying with us for him. These have been a couple of tough years dealing with all the attacks on him and us. He was baptized on October 1st and he already got to serve the Lord by playing the mandolin in worship along with Kyriakos and Zoe as I lead. What a blessing!!! We feel complete as a family now!!  Kyriakos got his 1st job at a local grocery store in the produce department. He is taking this year to work and save some money for college. He is feeling called by the Lord to preach. He said “dad when you are gone someone else needs to continue your work. I feel that God is calling me to preach…” Please pray for him as he is seeking the Lord’s will.  Our daughter Zoe also is thinking about being a missionary here. She will need to seek partial support from churches while she will be working part time with children to keep that door open for evangelism. Pray for God’s leading in her life.  I also had the opportunity to visit 3 churches in a couple of weeks’ time. Very short trip to the Eastern and Southern States but it was needed.  
CHURCH NEWS: Summer day camp was a success!!!! We had up to 35 children. Last year we had up to 17. Next year we expect more. It has been one of the talks of the island amongst young parents. 30 families were evangelized through the children for 2 months. What a blessing that was. Needless to say we were exhausted at the end.  Please pray for next year’s Camp as to workers that we will need wisdom safety salvations. Parents also asked us to extend the days to the end of August. Pray that we will be able to do that.  Our Music school is still going strong even with the opposition we face from the local priest. He knows that it is a way for us to connect with the community and he hates it. Please continue to pray for this ministry also.
The church building is going on but short of about $25000 to finish.  We are pleased with the Internet Bible Radio as well with Facebook and YouTube media. The Lord is using it for His Glory! We have started a Facebook closed group called “The Korianitis in Greece” If you use Facebook and you wish to connect to this group that we post pictures and videos on things that happen and be informed regularly about our ministry please sent us a request to join the group.
Maria Korianitis is a daughter of one of my second cousins. While I was talking to her last week she told me that she accepted the Lord this past year. She has been attending church faithfully. She also helped at the Camp. She wants to play her flute at church but she has not been baptized yet. While talking with her she teared up when I explained that she should get baptized first. The problem is that her father hates our church because we have changed the ways of their Greek lives thus he will not allow her to be baptized. She wants to get baptized secretly but I advised to wait till March when it will be her 18th birthday and that she will be able to make her own discissions. Her mother does not object but the parents are divorced. Praise the Lord for her salvation and please pray for Maria as she wants to honor her father but also follow the Lord.  
·         We request that you do not post this letter on public media or web sites because of sensitive information on our ministry. 
Please Pray for:
Anestis Daniel our 16year old new life with the Lord.
Maria Korianitis our niece.
Follow the link bellow to view photos.

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