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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec

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We have supported for 6 years.
Ocala, Florida
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Roger Riley
Cheryl Riley
Roger Thomas
Nathan Lee

June 6, 2024

February 12, 2024

So sorry this is late but January was a very busy month here in the Philippines.  The New Year started off with a BANG....horns blowing engines revving etc.  Happily it last for about 20 minutes and quit.
 We visited several churches in the province and in Manila.   We have had Pastors and Christian workers coming daily to pickup materials.  A 20 ft. container was released and delivered on January 8.  We had 15 men from several churches to help unload.  There were 1010 boxes....8 million tracts 80 boxes Tagalog illustrated Romans and 130 boxes of Salvation Coloring books. 
We were just about out of Tagalog/English New Testaments and BLMF started printing more in December and they were ready for shipping by February 8.  Amen. 
Pastors have been coming by daily to pickup tracts.  Several churches  got 10 boxes of tracts - that is 100000 tracts at a time.  Some it was there first time others it was a wonderful time of fellowship and renewing friendships. 
Roger and I went to get my driver's license renewed.  I don't intend to drive over here but it is a good identification document.  I had to take a test but it wasn't a test about the laws and rules but motorcycles and other local rules.  I didn't pass on my first try so the fellow at the LTO came and reviewed what I had missed and I was able to pass the next time.  Then we were informed that they could only give me a temporary license since they didn't have any of the plastic cards to print in on...oh ok. 
We have given hundreds of tracts out as we go to the shopping malls and travel.  Roger won two cab drivers to the Lord.  He also witnessed to a woman standing in line at the grocery store and won her to the Lord and was able to give her one of the New Testaments.  We met sales workers at our local mall who we had met last year and they had gotten saved and in church.  
We submitted paper work for our Permanent Resident Visa which is good for 5 years.  We also got the car registered and the title in our name.  This all takes time and patience to wait for them to get done. 
God has been good to us and both of us have been healthy and safe.  Our worker Bro. Ramil is a blessing and a great help to Roger.  He is pastoring a small church he started during Covid and the people are growing in grace. 
We have one more month here in February that is jammed packed and then we will fly back to America on March 5. 
Thank you for pray for us and your faithful support.  Romans 8:28 
Roger and Cheryl Riley
Missionaries to the Philippines 

December 28, 2023

Greetings in Jesus Name.   Just an update on our time here in the Philippines this month. 
We arrived in the Philippines on December 2.  We had been corresponding with a Missionary family that had a car for sale.  They were leaving on Nov. 29 so we wouldn’t be able to meet them.  Their ministry had been located in Lipa City Batangas where our ministry of Precious Seed Ministries is located.  We needed a vehicle and they needed to sell theirs.  God put this together for both of us.   We made a deal on the price and an aunt had the vehicle and power of attorney.  We met the aunt in Manila to see the car.  It was just what we needed a 2024 Mitsubishi Montero at exactly the price we had.  We were given possession of the car the second day we were back in the Philippines!  God answered prayers for both Missionaries.  We later heard that the Missionary couple was able to find a car in the States for the exact price we had paid for their car.
We took back a part for our 2001 Ford Pickup truck and found a mechanic repair shop that could work on the transmission and within a week the truck had been fixed We visited a Baptist Bible Fellowship church pastored by Missionary Mike Reap for morning services.  Pastor Reap comes to the warehouse for Tagalog/English New Testaments and tracts for his church.  On the Sunday before Christmas we visited Bethany Baptist Church in Makati City Philippines.  We have known Pastor Gerry Nable for over 30 years.  His church uses the materials from PSM in their Medical missions soul winning and other ministries.  It was good to see church members who are our friends who attend there.
Pastor Medina’s Container arrived the first of December and was delivered to Baguio without incident. 
A container of 8 million tracts and other materials is in port now waiting to be released and delivered to PSM warehouse.
Pray as we adjust to driving in this traffic here.  It is unbelievable the amount of traffic and the difficulty in getting around here. 
We are completely out of Tagalog/English New Testament and Bible & Literature Foundation are printing more at this time that will be shipped out by February Lord willing.
Happy New Years and God’s blessing on each of us as we serve Him 
Cheryl and Roger Riley
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December 14, 2023

October 26, 2023

It has been a very hot summer here in Florida.  We have been busy filling in for local Pastors who need help in their churches.  We also took a short trip to Tennessee for a vacation to get away from the heat but it was just as hot in Tennessee as in Florida!  We were able to pass out many tracts and witness to many. 
The 20 ft. Container of Tagalog/English New Testaments from Bible and Literature Foundation arrived in Manila the first week of September.  Praise the Lord it sailed through Customs and was delivered successfully to Precious Seed Warehouse in Lipa.  Bro. Ramil is doing a wonderful job distributing the Scriptures and Gospel Tracts to Pastors and Ministries who come daily to pick up materials. 
We also were contacted about helping Pastor Mark Smith to ship another 20 ft. container to Pastor Medina in the Philippines.  Bro. Dan said that the last shipment was the smoothest time in getting their shipment shipped through Customs and delivered to Baguio. 
Fellowship Tract League is working on printing 10 million tracts to be shipped sometime in September to Precious Seed Ministries. 
As far as prayers requests please pray as we raise some funds to purchase another vehicle for our ministry in the Philippines.  We are using a 2001 Ford Sport Trac truck that needs repair.  We will take back a part we need in our luggage when we go back later this year.  We really need a more dependable vehicle.  Thank you for your prayers and faithful support. 
Cheryl and Roger Riley

October 19, 2023

October 5, 2023

Finally cooler weather!   Roger and I traveled in the month of September to Tennessee Kentucky and Ohio.  We visited several supporting churches and a few prospects.  We were also able to spend time with our relatives in Ohio and Kentucky.
We received a request to ship a container of Bibles to the Philippines from Founded on Faith Ministry to Pastor Medina in Baguio Philippines using our Import License.  The container was shipped out on September 19 loaded on container ship October 1 and will arrive in the Philippines eta December 1.  There were 1245 boxes weighing 39986 lbs.
We will be shipping another container for Precious Seed Ministries with Tagalog Scriptures and other materials for the Philippines for distribution.  We will also be attending the Scripture Conference in Shelbyville TN the third week of this month. 
Please pray as we make return plans to the Philippines soon and for the repair of our truck in the Philippines or purchase of a used one for the ministry. 
Thank you for your prayers and support of our family and ministry of reaching the Philippines with the Word of God. 
Cheryl and Roger Riley

August 10, 2023

June 1, 2023

April 27, 2023

Sorry for the delay in sending in our monthly report.  Will do better in the future. 
Roger and I returned from the Philippine on March 7.
 I have been working on the Spanish/English New Testament  lay out for Dr. Smith and continued working on this project and completed it and submitted to the secretary. 
A container of Bibles was sent out from Bible &Literature Missionary Foundation from Shelbyville TN to Pastor Madina in the Philippines.   
We had a meeting  with Calvary Baptist Church in Ft. Walton Beach FL to speak to the Asian Fellowship at their church.  On the way  we went through Tallahassee and stop to submit the Deed of Donation  for the shipment and to get the Apostille through the Secretary of State. 
We visited a few of our supporting churches near us in Flordia and gave an update of our trip to the Philippines. 
I also reformatting the English/Tagalog New Testament.  This project took up many hours since it is over 600 pages.  
We just received the Bill of Lading for the Philippine container and will be sending this to our Broker in the Philippines to begin the process of getting it released from Customs.  We also were able to renew our Import License for another year.
We will be traveling to Ohio in May for the Camp Meeting at Fellowship Tract League in Lebanon Ohio.  We also will be visiting several other churches as we travel. 
Souls are being saved and Pastors are coming daily to the warehouse in Lipa City Batangas.  Our working Bro. Ramil is busy preaching and has been winning and discipling people as he maintains the warehouse.   
Bro. Dante who is a recruiter for a shipping line is presenting the Gosple to the new recruits and giving them a Tagalog/English New Testament. 
I am attaching some pictures.  Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.  Praying for the mission trip to Peru. 
Cheryl and Roger Riley
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April 13, 2023

March 20, 2023

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