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This photo was taken in the high mountains of Adjara, Georgia, while I was doing my projec

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October 5, 2023

Dear Dr. Smith:
Greetings from West Africa. We praise God for bringing us to a new month and the last quarter of the year.
We concluded another week of Life Empowering Conference at the Campus Church at Dobro. The patronage was great. It was held whiles our graduate students were having their module classes so we gave some of them the opportunity for preaching.  
At the end of the week seven souls got saved. We also baptized five previously saved converts. 
I am currently on a ten day missions trip in Sierra Leone. I am visiting one of our graduates who is in charge of a multi-purpose ministry here. They are into Church Planting Christian Schools and Orphanages. 
I am here to help establish a training program for his Pastors. Our College in Ghana will then be sending Lecturers here to teach modular courses to get them upgrade their Bible education to a bachelor's level. Those who are able to qualify will then be allowed to pursue MM program at our College in Ghana. The goal is to help them to get more of the Pastors here trained so they could establish a full time Bible College here in Sierra Leone.  
We are currently looking to enrolling about 30 pastors for the program. Please pray for me for wisdom and God's guidance.
I will also be Speaking at a Pastors' Conference on Soul Winning on Thursday and Friday and preach in one of the churches in Freetown on Sunday morning. 
Last Sunday I preached at one of their young churches in a village at Moyamba Junction and had three souls saved.
Yesterday I spoke at an orphanage in the evening bringing encouragement to the young people. I must their response to God's word was quite encouraging. 
I shall return to Ghana on 9th October.
Prayer for safety and God's blessings appreciated.
We will be in touch.
In Christ

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