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A Word from Pastor Mark Smith

Dear Viewer,

Please note, during the 2024 Preacher’s Delight Conference, we showed a 30-year reflection video that was considered to be offensive; we have removed that video from the presentation. We have apologized to that individual and sought their forgiveness. We have issued an apology to each pastor present during the conference and extended that to their people. We have issued apologies to the special speakers for placing them in jeopardy by association with controversial or questionable conduct or character. We offer this written apology to those who continue to view our services, we cannot stop others from posting these images on social media as we do not participate in that medium.

We hope you will be able to find the messages and the ministry of the Preacher’s Delight meeting a powerful, helpful, and spiritual means of encouraging you as we begin the new year. Please pray for us that we will not offend anyone as we continue trying to minister to God’s men through the Preacher’s Delight Conference.

Sincerely Serving the Savior,

s Pastor Mark T. Smith Col. 4:17

For almost 30 years, Faith Baptist Church has hosted the Preacher’s Delight Conference in January. This conference began as a time for fellowship among independent Baptist pastors and their people, to encourage pastors laboring together in church planting, missions’ outreach, and personal evangelism.

It is exciting to see God’s blessings poured out at the beginning of each new year, as pastors come from across the country and join us for rousing preaching, inspiring music, and encouraging fellowship! As always, there is no need to register for the Preacher’s Delight Conference and there is never a fee.

Once again, we will have meals following the evening services and all of our guests are invited and encouraged to stay and fellowship!

The main adult service will hear from Dr. Paul Chappell, Dr. David Gibbs, and Dr. R.B. Ouellette, on Monday and Tuesday evenings. Tuesday morning the youth services will combine in the main auditorium and then join us for a special luncheon to follow.

What a great opportunity for God’s people to gather together for great preaching, great music, great fellowship and a renewed vision for working together for the cause of Christ. We hope you will make it a part of your New Year’s plan and come join us for the Preacher’s Delight 2024!

Ministry Displays

Ministry PortraitEach year we host displays from Bible colleges and youth camps, missionaries and church planters that are in need of ministry support to get to their fields, Bible printing and publishing ministries that need your help to get the printed Word into the hands of missionaries on foreign fields. Would you prayerfully consider who you could help this year?

If you would like to display your ministry’s information or resources, please contact Mrs. Andrea Sterling at (253) 927-7673 or no later than Wednesday, January 3rd.


We encourage you to come early to enjoy coffee and refreshments and a time of fellowship before each service, and plan to stay for a delicious meal following each service. This year we will be serving our Northwest Salmon special dinner with desserts! As always, there is no registration cost and all meals are provided free of charge by the family of Faith.

Children's Programs

Ministry PortraitNurseries are provided for each service in Β building. All of our nurseries are equipped with a paging system for the main auditorium or a text messaging system for parents that attend the youth services.

We believe that children are just as important a part of this conference as the adults, so we have created a special children's program for ages 5-12. Each service, your child will have a Bible lesson, craft time, snack, and game time.


Comfort InnComfort Inn (253)529-0101
31622 Pacific Highway South Federal Way, WA 98003
We recommend booking your over night stay with one of these local hotels

Hampton InnHampton Inn (253)946-7000
31720 Gateway Center Blvd South Federal Way, WA 98003
We recommend booking your over night stay with one of these local hotels


Youth ServicesEach year we host a youth meeting in conjunction with the main conference. Special guest speakers Dr. Jim Schettler and Bro. Larry Chappell will be speaking in our youth services. These men have a desire to connect with and reach our youth, and have been tremendously used to encourage and exhort our next generation! Tuesday afternoon following the luncheon, there will be a special Q&A session with our youth speakers; youth workers and pastors are encouraged to join as well.

Teens receive helpful messages and spiritual tools equipping them to enter the new year ready to discover and accomplish God’s will. It is a chance for them to set aside other influences and open their hearts to great preaching, teaching, special music, and valuable truths. Following the evening services teens enjoy a time of refreshments and fellowship. You won’t want to miss it!

¡Saludos de parte de sus amigos y familia de la Iglesia Bautista Fe!

A medida que nos acercamos al fin de un año más, también nos preparamos para el inicio de un nuevo año, y esperamos muchas cosas por venir. El inicio de un nuevo año es el tiempo y la oportunidad perfecta para animarnos unos a otros como pastores para trabajar juntos en la obra de Dios y renovar nuestras fuerzas y visión en la plantación de iglesias, en nuestros esfuerzos de alcance misionero, en el evangelismo mundial y el evangelismo y trabajo en nuestra iglesia local.

Nos gozamos de poder invitar a usted y su iglesia a nuestra Conferencia Anual de Pastores, nuestro deseo es que podamos ser de bendición a todos cuantos podamos en el noroeste del pacifico. ¡Únase a nosotros en esta conferencia para escuchar alentadora predicación de la palabra de Dios, música inspiradora y tener compañerismo que le animará! No habrá ningún costo. ¡Ofreceremos una noche de hotel para los pastores que nos acompañen!

Alentamos a los pastores y familias de la iglesia a venir y unirse a nuestro esfuerzo por fortalecer el Espíritu de nuestras Iglesias para impactar aún más el lugar donde servimos.

Estamos muy contentos de tener a predicadores que Dios está usando en gran manera.

El Pastor Gil Torres de la iglesia Bautista el Faro de San Diego California y Otros siervos de Dios que están siendo usados grandemente estarán a cargo de las predicaciones y clases. Tendremos sesiones separadas para pastores, Jóvenes e Iglesia en general. Guardería y cuidado de niños en cada uno de los Servicios.

Animamos a los pastores y sus iglesias para que vengan y se unan a nuestro esfuerzo de fortalecer el espíritu de nuestras Iglesias para poder impactar aún más el lugar en donde vivimos.

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