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Secure Online Giving

Welcome to the online giving area of Faith Baptist Church! Below, we've provided a brief overview of the online giving process and its benefits.

To access our secure online giving area, click the button below.

This will open our secure giving portal in a separate window or tab to allow you to easily enter your giving.

Previous Giving Platform

Please follow this link to cancel any recurring donations you had set up through SimpleChurch Previous Giving Area

Fast Anonymous Giving

As stewards of what God has entrusted to us, we desire that every donor have the opportunity to receive a tax-deductible receipt for their donations. However, if you prefer to give anonymously and not receive a tax receipt, simply use the secure "My Online Donation" form instead of creating an online giving account. This form uses the same bank-level SSL encryption as our online giving portal. You will need to enter your card information for payment processing, but Faith Baptist Church will receive a record of the AMOUNT ONLY -- it will not include your name, address, or any other identifying information.

Online Giving Tutorial

Protected Personal Information

Please understand that NO PERSONAL OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS STORED ON CHURCH SERVERS. All giving is done through a secure gateway backed by a professional service that specializes in processing sensitive financial information.

Mobile Friendly

The online giving area is mobile-friendly for those who prefer to use a smartphone or tablet.

Encrypted Data Transfer

All information transmitted from your computer or device to the payment processor is secured with 256-bit encrypted SSL. An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protects your data in two key ways:

  • Authentication ensures you are communicating with the correct server. This prevents another computer from impersonating our giving portal.
  • Encryption scrambles the transferred data so it can only be read by our payment processor.
  • Fast Online Registration

    Setting up an online giving account is quick and easy. Once you enter the online giving area, simply click on "First Time?" at the top left of the menu, then fill out the brief registration form. There is no waiting period... you can begin giving right away!

    Recurring Giving

    Set it and forget it! Recurring giving allows you to set up personalized amounts to be paid at the intervals of your choice (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) so you never have to worry about missing a commitment.

    Giving History

    Review your online giving history with up-to-the minute details about your activity and involvement.

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