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Recent Missionary Updates

Here is where you’ll find the current prayer letters and updates on our missionaries. We receive letters every week, and these updates are uploaded here. Knowing the current status and projects of our missionaries helps us pray more specifically, and shows how prayers are being answered all across the world.

Paul Conner

Jan 14, 2021

Alberto Puente

Jan 14, 2021

Jonathan Switzer

Jan 07, 2021

  Dear Pastors and Friends, I trust that each of you have had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2020 was certainly a year of uncertainty for many of us, but it has been truly awesome to see God working through it all. Just looking back, I am thrilled that God brought me to Lighthouse Baptist Church in Renton and put me in the position to begin pastoring the church. I am grateful that despite some of the challenges, we have seen souls...