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Markos & Stephanie Lindsey

Missionary Information

Name: Markos Lindsey
Age: 40

Spouse: Stephanie Lindsey
Age: 41

Mission Field: Peru

Years of Service: 13

Home Church: Lighthouse Baptist Church
Indianapolis, Indiana

Missions Agency: Baptist International Missions Inc.
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Our Missionary for 9 years


Missionary Update 01/18/2019


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Missionary Update 12/28/2018

Merry Christmas from the Lindseys!


We are heading to see Grandpa and  Lindsey in Ohio this week.  We are doing well in our new home.  Life Line Baptist Church has given us a furnished house to use on the church property (My brother, Tim, is the pastor there).  It is just South of Indianapolis, in a great location, and it won't cost us a thing. Many of you gave us Christmas gifts that allowed us to buy some nice presents for the kids.  Our home church gave us a generous offering that covered our travel expenses getting to the US!  It also helped us get the rest of the way settled in, and prepare for our stay here.  (We each had only brought clothes for about a week or so.)  One brother gave us some things out of his home that he is selling (end tables, dressers and such), another brother gave us a refrigerator - so now we have two!  We were also able to visit a ministry called The Widow's Jar that provides TONS of things for missionary families.  We were able to pick up a VANLOAD - clothes, small kitchen appliances, some toys, lots of shoes, a few books....  Look them up when you get the chance, they opened their warehouse and said, "Everything you see is for you.  Take what you'll use, get clothes for like two or three years for your growing little ones, here's a pack-n-play.  Do you need a crib? We left with probably a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff.  (I found some brand new Irish Setter boots just my size.  So, Merry Christmas to me!) May I recommend a donation...


We are blessed, our refrigerator is full (and we have space for

leftovers!)  Isn't the Lord good?!


I have an update coming soon.  Please let this suffice until after New Years.  God bless.


In Christ,




Markos & Stephanie Lindsey

Missionaries to Peru

Serving the Lord in the Mantaro Valley


WhatsApp:   +1 (317) 536-6267

Cell Phone: +1 (317) 753-0131


Sent by:

Lighthouse Baptist Church

6950 E. Raymond Street

Indianapolis, IN 46239

(317) 359-4275



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Missionary Update 09/04/2018


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Missionary Update 07/06/2018


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Missionary Update 03/30/2018


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Missionary Update 12/28/2017


In Spanish, "Merry Christmas" is Feliz Navidad (or Happy Nativity; Happy Day of Birth).  It's the same idea as saying "Noel".  Someone has been born!  Last week, I preached on Salvation by Grace: from Condemnation to Life in Christ.  Then I applied Feliz Navidad as something one would say PARTICULARLY to those of the Faith in Christ.  They understand it.  They can rejoice with you.  They, too, celebrate the Incarnate Word of God.  Whether they think that He was born on that day or not (I sure don't), He WAS born!  And that is truly something to get excited about.  However, It does little good to speak these words to the world (which may explain why they are so offended by it.)  They may even say it back, but their words do not reflect a heart-felt, exclusively Christian greeting.  They are on their way to hell, saying Happy Birthday to a King they reject.  At Christmas time, many unbelievers are on their best behavior.  They are nicer, they are generous.  Let's take advantage of their religious piety (though feigned or mistaken) and share with them the REASON everybody is so excited, the REASON we give gifts that we've wrapped up, the REASON we say Merry Christmas! 

FELIZ NAVIDAD from the Lindseys!


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Missionary Update 12/22/2017


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Missionary Update 09/25/2017


Missionary Update 07/14/2017


Missionary Update 04/10/2017


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